Collector World Expo takes place May 2-3, 2020 and is the east coast’s premiere collectible event. We celebrate all all Collectibles and the Collectors that love them. Here you can shop for not only the newest toys, but Vintage Collectibles, gifts, educational items and more.  This show offers wonderful customer service, free seminars, and panels where we honor veterans of the Toy Industry. We look forward to seeing you! 

Collector World Expo is a family friendly and safe place for children of all ages.

Not only will you find vendors selling a variety of vintage and modern toys such as Star Wars, GI Joe, Barbie, Mego, Transformers, Hot Toys, Super Powers, Masters of the Universe, Hot Wheels, Lego, and much more, but also you will have an opportunity to see new independent toy makers,  meet other collectors, and check out a variety of toy dioramas!

"The greatest gift you can give a child is an imagination"

Eleanor roosevelt